Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Fright by Mark Ryan

Election Fright by Mark Ryan
We all waited on election night
With such trepidation and fright
Watching the votes trickle in
As the crowds filled with chagrin
Voting stayed open till eight
Waiting for that terrible fate
The polls tipping up and down
As we smiled and then frowned
Would the woman vote count
Or the ethnic part surmount
Could it be a populace tally
Or an electoral rally
Some predicted a landslide victory
Others a disappointing memory
Would there be hope and caring
Or more hate and despairing
As the clock ticked away
We filled with worry and dismay
Whatever the ultimate result
Be it happiness are violent tumult
We were tired of the same old thing
Hoping a change would bring
But so afraid that democracy
Will change to mob rule or tyranny
Only the history books will tell
Whether it was heaven or hell

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