Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump Trouble

Trump Trouble - by Mark Ryan
More Trump Trouble
To burst the electoral bubble
Dealing with the Presidential Race
That has put the US in disgrace
Seeking the office of President
As he fondled without consent
A contest between a man of wealth
And a woman of supposed stealth
Accused of being misogenous
Calling her nasty and disingenuous
He thought himself so Bigley
But others thought him Piggly
She said he was Putin's puppet
Like a marionette or muppet
Fixing the vote and pulling strings
As he hacked the net with pings
Releasing timed wikileak emails
With all the sorted details
Asked if he would accept the vote
Only if I win he quickly wrote
I'll keep you in ominous suspense
He said to make matters tense
They both sat at a charity dinner
But only one came out a winner
Cracking self deprecating jokes
About the DEM and GOP folks
She stayed within her party line
As he pined, wiggled and whined
They laughed at her comments
And booed at his off moments
The night ended in dire disgust
Sadly not knowing who to trust

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