Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Getting Old by Mark Ryan

Getting Old by Mark Ryan
I just got my brand new ears
And it really brings me to tears
The hearing aid kind
Cause I'm deaf not blind
The voices are now so clear
I don't believe I can really hear
All these years without a sound
Lost in the woods looking around
How much have I truly missed
Some could have been the best
I wish I had all those memories
Of words lost in the gently breeze
Where have all my faculties gone
Or am I just tooting my horn
My taste, my touch, my smell 
All my senses have gone to hell
It's tough getting feeble and old
Crumbled up as mildew and mold
In the end they can harvest my teeth of gold
Put them on ebay and mark them sold

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Oklahoma Quake by Mark Ryan

Oklahoma Quake by Mark Ryan
Today there was another quake
It startled me wide awake
I jumped out of bed
Horrified with dread
I prayed loved ones weren't hurt
The bricks all falling to the dirt
It's all because of that fracking
And the ground beneath cracking
Drilling to find a new oil source
All they do is make it worse
Over four thousand holes now
How many more will they allow
Filling their pockets with gold
Until our blood runs cold

Calming Effect by Mark Ryan

Calming Effect by Mark Ryan
My dog sits beside me.
As quiet as can be.
Wanting me to stroke his fur.
I certainly do concur.
Having an animal pet.
You can surely bet.
Has a calming effect most definitely.
And brings you both serenity.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Affordable Rent - by Mark Ryan

Affordable Rent - by Mark Ryan
I listened this morning on the radio.
With Marge and Jim a while ago.
They talked of rents on Mission Hill.
They have all skyrocketed to kill.
A single bedroom is now two grand
That is outrageous and out of hand
I remember paying just thirty five.
Rooms like cells in a beehive.
Back then I made 100 a week.
And I thought that was the peek.
Near the bakery on the 3rd floor.
Living in 4 rooms we just adored.
A school nearby for the kids to go
It was great to watch them grow.
The corner store had all your needs
The local paper even flower seeds.
A bag of penny candy for a nickel.
You could even buy a sour pickle.
Those days were quite simple.
Teens worried about a zit or pimple
Today we have sex and drugs.
The city is full of killings and thugs.
For this we are willing to pay.
A kings ransom but its okay.
I'm near my job they all say.
So hurry and join without delay.

Men's Breakfast by Mark Ryan

Men's Breakfast by Mark Ryan
It's eight o'clock at the center
All the guys are anxious to enter
The coffee is brewing
And we are ready for chewing
You can hear our tummies growling
But no need to be brawling
Terry and Laura are at the stove
Making toast with so much love
The conversation bounces around
A variation of topics surely abound
Terry tries to address the crowd
She needs to raise her voice aloud
We all quiet to hear the message
She says there is more sausage
When we are almost done
With all the laughs and fun
We return our table and chair
Against the wall with upmost care
Until the next time we say good bye
Tip our hats and wink our eye

Sister Ann by Mark Ryan

Sister Ann by Mark Ryan
It's now the twilight of her years.
I try my best to hold back the tears.
The cancer has metastasized.
The pancreas has increased in size.
I remember our younger day.
Filled with fun and loads of play.
We lived in a mixed neighborhood.
All the houses of brick and wood.
When the bridge came to town.
Vacant lots became our playground
The mystic river flowed nearby.
As we played all day outside.
Toys we made from things found.
Whatever was lying on the ground.
We never dreamed of having much.
Just our caring mothers touch.
Later we went our separate ways.
Going to work or more school days.
Now full circle we connect again.
Sharing our lives now and then.
We converse over the phone.
Recalling the good times at home.
Counting the days to say goodbye.
Hoping to meet again up in the sky.