Thursday, September 1, 2016

Affordable Rent - by Mark Ryan

Affordable Rent - by Mark Ryan
I listened this morning on the radio.
With Marge and Jim a while ago.
They talked of rents on Mission Hill.
They have all skyrocketed to kill.
A single bedroom is now two grand
That is outrageous and out of hand
I remember paying just thirty five.
Rooms like cells in a beehive.
Back then I made 100 a week.
And I thought that was the peek.
Near the bakery on the 3rd floor.
Living in 4 rooms we just adored.
A school nearby for the kids to go
It was great to watch them grow.
The corner store had all your needs
The local paper even flower seeds.
A bag of penny candy for a nickel.
You could even buy a sour pickle.
Those days were quite simple.
Teens worried about a zit or pimple
Today we have sex and drugs.
The city is full of killings and thugs.
For this we are willing to pay.
A kings ransom but its okay.
I'm near my job they all say.
So hurry and join without delay.

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