Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sister Ann by Mark Ryan

Sister Ann by Mark Ryan
It's now the twilight of her years.
I try my best to hold back the tears.
The cancer has metastasized.
The pancreas has increased in size.
I remember our younger day.
Filled with fun and loads of play.
We lived in a mixed neighborhood.
All the houses of brick and wood.
When the bridge came to town.
Vacant lots became our playground
The mystic river flowed nearby.
As we played all day outside.
Toys we made from things found.
Whatever was lying on the ground.
We never dreamed of having much.
Just our caring mothers touch.
Later we went our separate ways.
Going to work or more school days.
Now full circle we connect again.
Sharing our lives now and then.
We converse over the phone.
Recalling the good times at home.
Counting the days to say goodbye.
Hoping to meet again up in the sky.

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