Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Drought

The Drought
By Mark Ryan

This was the summer with no rain in sight.
The garden crops all shriveled from the wilting blight.
The farm animals all gathered at the empty trough.
Their throats all parched as they sighed with a cough.
Not a drop to drink as the spigot ran dry.
All the dust accumulating in the corners of their eye.
But after weeks of dry air the clouds did brew.
From out of the west and through the valley a storm grew.
Black nimbus spread across the sky as the wind did blow.
The clouds filled the sky and thunderheads did grow.
You could see the flash of lightning illuminate the sky.
And then the clap of thunder gave a loud cry.
Finally the torrential rain was about to arrive.
And allow living creatures to grow and survive.
The drops began to fall from the heaven above.
A good soaking of water we would all love.
But to our surprise the drops fizzled out.
As we all frowned with a disappointed pout.

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